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Glashutte Original

  • Art&Technik
  • Quintessentials
  • 20th Century Vintage
  • Ladies Collection


Glashutte Original, German watch collection, is now available at Lugaro Metropolis at Metrotown, Burnaby, BC location.


Glashütte Original has earned a global reputation for the highest standards and excellence in the German art of watchmaking since more than 170 years. Passion, patience, rare skills and experience are still predominant in our craft. Glashütte Original is an authentic high-end manufactory that outfits all of its watches with in-house developed and made movements 95% of whose parts are painstakingly realized in the company. Today, Glashütte Original stands for modern, original and ingenious, high-quality timepieces that are the natural expression of Germany’s excellence in engineering and manufacturing. Glashütte Original is about the pleasure of wearing an exclusive mechanism beautifully realized to the strictest quality standards and specifications.


Authenticity - Glashütte Original is the rightful heir of more than 165 years of excellence in watchmaking in Glashütte. From the founding fathers who brought the craft to the town to the troubled times of the 20th century and after the German reunification, the watchmaking expertise and special skills are alive today at Glashütte Original that nurtures and develops this legacy.


Originality - Originality is part of our brand name. “Original” is a rich word and has a lot of interpretations that are all valid for our brand: innovation, creativity, uniqueness, and ingenuity. While Glashütte Original is the heir of more than 165 years of watchmaking, its outlook on the discipline is resolutely modern.


Excellence - Excellence in engineering, in development and manufacturing, is something universally accepted as a German value trait. In Glashütte Original’s manufactory, elaborate in-house design and the careful manufacture of thousands of precision components ensure that each watch meets the highest possible standards of quality. Nothing less is acceptable.


Beauty - Whether you find beauty in the design, beauty in the movement, beauty in the intricacies of the function, beauty in the stunning mix of colors and materials … a Glashütte Original watch will always elicit an emotional response. Our watches are the fruit of years of technical development but ultimately it is their beauty that people fall in love with.

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