Authorized vs. Unauthorized Dealers

Authorized vs. Unauthorized Dealers

Lugaro specializes in fine diamond jewellery and luxury Swiss watches. At Lugaro we provide a unique collection from the finest and most outstanding Swiss watches.

As an Authorized Retailer for all the Swiss brands we convey, we are pleased to announce that all watches sold are 100% original and is attained directly from the manufacturer. Each and every watch is brand new and includes a globally acceptable warranty.

Authorized vs. Unauthorized

Numerous watches are being sold by unauthorized retailers. The grey market could be selling worn, old or damaged watches that do not accompany a guarantee that is recognized by the brand. As these retailers cannot ensure credibility, the watches can be sold at any value set by the grey market. On the other hand, authorized retailers sell brand new authentic watches that come with an internationally recognized warranty.

While unauthorized retailers cannot offer authentic warranty, they will normally offer their own warranty due to the fact that they do not have the manufactures original supplies, ability and information about the products that they are selling. In addition, by purchasing a watch from an unauthorized retailer you would never know where the movements and time pieces originated from, thus this could cause extra damage to your watch. Whereas, by purchasing from an authorized retailer you can trust one hundred percent that every single part of the watch comes from the original brand. Avoiding the grey market would be the best approach as your watch brand will only acknowledge its warranty if purchased through an authorized retailer.

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