Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct

Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct

The Code is rooted in the short history of the Canadian diamond industry. The Canadian Competition Bureau’s Enforcement Policy identified the need to bring integrity and transparency to the marketing of diamonds claiming to be of Canadian origin.

Work began in 2002 and the Code evolved from the collaborative efforts of a broad cross section of the industry, including the diamond mining sector, cutters and polishers, retailers, gemmological laboratories, consumer organizations, the Canadian Jewellers Association and Jewellers Vigilance Canada, the RCMP and other government stakeholders. Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), a department of the Canadian Federal Government, endorses this Code.

Lugaro is an original signatory of the Canadian diamond code of conduct.

Members of all parts of the Canadian diamond industry, from mine to retail, voluntarily joined as Signatories to the Code.

The Code establishes a minimum auditable standard that enables the authentication of the Canadian origin of a diamond, purchased from a Code Signatory, based on records and a chain of warranties.

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