2017 is a sport-minded year for Baume & Mercier. With its Clifton Club collection – a watch designed for the “gentle sportsmen” – the Brand launches a timepiece to accompany the modern man in his daily life, from the office to the outdoors, in his leisure time spent in sports activities with friends.
With a sporty yet stylish look, it brings men together based on common values: fair play, camaraderie, team spirit, sharing, and so on.

On the Baume & Mercier stand – not far from the Clifton Club Cocktail bar, near the surf simulation activity – we encountered Paul Vergnaud, the World Bike Polo Vice-Champion, and Romain Maurin, the French Longboard Champion. Their smiling faces embody the values of this new watch with its sporty attributes. They even tried their hands as actors in the launch campaign!
Designed for adventure, resolutely contemporary, refined and athletic, the Clifton Club elegantly revives sporting values while upholding traditional watchmaking principles. It is a contemporary, accurate, high-performance, robust timepiece, made to exacting standards.

Clifton Club is Baume & Mercier’s leading launch!





A mixture of modernity and tradition, authenticity and creativity, a Baume & Mercier watch is the culmination of a long process of balanced reflection and teamwork. The role of the Design Studio, directed by Alexandre Peraldi, is to manage the delicate creative development of all new Baume & Mercier watches. The secret of the success of the integrated production department located in the heart of the Baume & Mercier head office, near Geneva, lies in finding the right balance between the aesthetics defined by the Design Studio in conjunction with the product development teams and the technical production capacities defined by the technical development engineers.

The Design Process:

The process leading to the creation of Baume & Mercier watch collections aspires to produce a fusion between the contemporary vision of the Maison and the traditional rules of watch design, while at the same time respecting the principle of the “golden ratio,” of which the Phi symbol is the logo of the Maison.


Sources of inspiration:
One thing that all contemporary Baume & Mercier collections have in common is that they always take their original inspiration from a historic model selected from the museum of the Maison. These free interpretations, revisited by the Design Studio with talent and in a spirit of modernity, make it possible to establish the personality of each new model while at the same time elegantly incorporating it into the ever-growing family of Baume & Mercier creations.


The soul of the collections:
Thus the Linea, with its pure, timeless lines, is, in fact, an extrapolation of a small “mass produced” watch model from the 1950s. An emblematic chronograph of the 1940s was used as the connecting motif for the Capeland Collection, while the Hampton model has established itself as the contemporary version of a rectangular-shaped Art Déco model. The Classima line, for its part, is based on the model of an elegant watch first created in the 1960s. Meanwhile, the Clifton Collection takes its inspiration from a watch with a pure, balanced design that made its appearance in the Baume & Mercier catalog during the 1950s, the golden age of the wristwatch.



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