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FAQ about our Bracelets & Bangles


-What are bracelets & bangles?

Bracelets & bangles are accessories for your wrist! Bracelets are usually composed of a chain, a clasp, links and sometimes segments to house stones or give the piece an interesting shape. Bangles are commonly solid rings encircling the wrist, sometimes containing a hinge, a clasp or a gap, depending on the method of fastening. The level of embellishment can vary greatly with both styles, ranging from simple chains and bands to stones encircling the entire piece.

-What are the different styles of bracelets & bangles?

At Lugaro, our bracelets & bangles are produced in a number of distinct styles, including (but certainly not limited to): Chain bracelets, gemstone bracelets, vintage-style, mosaic, tennis bracelets and more!

It may seem overwhelming, but in reality, most bracelet styles differ only in basic variations in certain characteristics: The thickness of the chain, the ratio of chain to segment, the size of the segments, the presence of precious stones, and the style of the links!

Tennis bracelets are a little more unique, however: Made up of many small segments linked together, each housing one gemstone, providing flexibility and comfort (perfect for tennis players). A very specific look is necessary to be designated a “Tennis bracelet”.

Our bangles all share the solid ring structure, but vary in their fastening styles to ensure greater options for comfort and functionality. Some are secured with a clasp, whilst others are purely tension based, the logic of each is taken into consideration alongside the look of the piece to create stylish harmony.

In addition, Lugaro also customizes, altering specific features to make every piece unique in its own way, or according to a client’s request!

-What occasions call for bracelets and bangles?

There’s always a time and place to accessorize! Bracelets & bangles are universal in their application, and thanks to our extensive selection, you can apply just the right amount of glamour to any look, whether it be a straight forward solid gold bangle, a glittering tennis bracelet or something in between, the possibilities are endless!

-Help! My bracelet or bangle has lost a diamond, is much too big or too small, or the latch isn’t working or is broken, can I have it repaired?

Lugaro’s in-house services are equipped to handle a number of repairs and alterations, including: resizing, parts replacements, stone replacements or soldering on chain bracelets, tennis bracelets and segmented bracelets. Our diamond experts will match a new stone to those pre-existing on your piece, making for a seamless repair, and our capable staff is here to help if you require a consultation.