May: Emerald


Your horoscope can often subscribe to plenty of personal characteristics. For some, it can provide insight as to their inner selves and subconscious needs and wants. For others, it’s a way to rationalize sending that risky text message, or buying a brand new couch.

However, with all the waxing poetic to be had in Capricorn moons and Leo suns, some would prefer a more concrete, tangible method of finding themselves.

Some would say Birthstones are the literal crystallization of the months in a year. Originating from the bible, In Exodus 28, Moses creates a special breastplate for Aaron, the High Priest of the Hebrews. Specifically, the breastplate was to contain twelve precious gemstones, representing the twelve tribes of Israel. These twelve stones were later assigned to the Zodiac, and as a result, became symbolic for all twelve months, respectively.

You could name your zodiac and horoscope, and the features that come with the assignment, but every birthstone possesses unique traits and personality themselves. Have you ever asked yourself if you’re as steadfast as a ruby? Or as richly reflective as a diamond? Let’s find out!

How similar are you to your birthstone?

Derived from the Greek word “smaragdus” – meaning “green gem” – Emerald has been mined as far back as 330 B.C. In Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra herself had a particular fondness for Emeralds, so much so that she claimed every active Emerald mine in Egypt during her reign, and famously adorned herself in her own personal collection, the renowned “Cleopatra’s Emeralds”.

Prized for their iconic shade, an emerald’s quality is often determined by the intensity of its colour above all else. Desired specimens have a discernible clarity and an evenly distributed green, and rarer still, green with hints of blue. Surprisingly, inclusions are tolerated more in emeralds than any other precious stone, deemed an exclusive feature as opposed to a flaw.

The coined “emerald cut”- seen here in this 3.25 carat emerald and Canadian diamond trilogy ring in 18k white and yellow gold – is used specifically to capitalize on the gem’s colour, bringing out the stone’s natural beauty.

The Bahia Emerald, discovered in Brazil in 2001, is the largest single shard of emerald ever mined, weighing 752 lbs and worth $400 million.

Emerald is considered a symbol of rebirth, said to bring foresight, fortune and youth. It was also believed to have mystical powers that could cure stomach ailments, control epilepsy and stop bleeding. It was even believed to be a source of eternal life.

If Emerald is your birthstone, you hold yourself whole and proud. You have never hidden a part of yourself for the benefit of others, or for the sake of decorum. To you, pure, unfiltered “you” is decorum. You have a keen sense of direction, emotionally and metaphorically, even from a young age, and those around you would do well to heed your warnings. You are also always ready to hear about the latest drama.

Written by Annahis Basmadjian

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