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FAQ about our Engagement Rings


What is an Engagement Ring?

Traditionally, an Engagement Ring is given during a proposal and worn up to the wedding. Though it began as an accessory solely for the bride, as we’ve come into the modern age, these rings are available in a myriad of styles for both proposer and proposee to enjoy. As they precede a wedding, Engagement Rings can be simple in their elegance, often-times bearing a single brilliant diamond in a solid band (as seen in our Solitaire Engagement Rings collection), however, our selection can extend beyond minimalism into the ornate, with diamond pave shanks, three-stone Engagement Rings, and unique settings, not to mention the stackable combinations!

What ring is best for me?

Historically, in Ancient Rome, brides-to-be were often given two rings; One made of gold, worn in public for social settings and presentation, and one of iron, worn at home to withstand household tasks and fieldwork. Not that we’re saying everyone ought to take home two rings a piece (though that would make for a glamorous proposal), but if you’re having trouble deciding, you could take into account your lifestyle (as well as your personal style.)

If you and your fiancée are the active type, a stronger, more secure solitaire or three-stone Engagement ring with a double claw or bezel setting might be the way to go. Alternatively, if you’re more of a homebody professional, our numerous halo or pave style Engagement Rings would settle nicely into your routine.

Truly, it comes down to your personal preference. We’d love to see you take your time with our Engagement Rings until you fall in love.

How do I size my ring to a perfect fit?

With our capable jewelers at-hand, it’s easy! Simply make your selection, provide us your ring size- either through a ring of your own, or by way of our ring sizing process- and then leave the rest to us, and if it’s your first sizing, it’s on the house!

Help! I’ve lost a diamond, or part of my ring has been damaged or dirtied, can I have it fixed or cleaned?

Yes! Our in-house workshop and diamond experts are equipped to provide whatever servicing your Engagement ring may need! From sizing, to rhodium polishing, to diamond replacement, to deep cleaning, Lugaro will have your Engagement Ring looking as new as the day you said “yes!”