In 2017 Hamilton becomes Official Timekeeper of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, known as the new dimension of motorsports. Featuring 14 of the best race pilots, among which Nicolas Ivanoff, the brand ambassador since 2005, this pure motorsport competition is the visual spectacle unlike any other, combining speed, precision, and skill. Using the fastest, most agile and lightweight racing planes, pilots navigate a low-level aerial track made of 25 meters-high air-filled pylons.

14 pilots are competing in the Master Class category in eight races across the globe for the title of Red Bull Air Race World Champion. The Challenger Cup, with nine pilots, offers young talents the chance to develop their low-altitude flying skills and to experience the thrills of the sport.


Nicolas Ivanoff_Hamilton Ambassador_RBAR2017 (2)_Original_16286 - Lugaro - Vancouver & Victoria


The 2017 race calendar will take place in eight cities around the world starting with its first stop in Abu Dhabi on February 10-11, a celebratory event marking the diamond 75th Red Bull Air Race.

Aviation, skill, and precision are also part of the Hamilton brand. This partnership will strengthen Hamiltonā€™s presence in the aerobatics world, in addition to its rich aviation heritage and collaborations with international airshows and squadrons.

Sylvain Dolla, Hamiltonā€™s CEO, commented, ā€œOur brand has a prestigious history of serving the flying community, and this latest evolutionĀ in our partnership with the World Championship further strengthens our presence in aviation. Hamilton is taking aviation watches to new
heights and weā€™re proud to be the Official Timekeeper of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2017.ā€


ā€œThe Red Bull Air Race and Hamilton have been partners for more than a decade, and it seems fitting that our relationship will only deepen inĀ 2017, the tenth season of the World Championship,ā€ said Erich Wolf, the General Manager of Red Bull Air Race GmbH. ā€œOur two brands shareĀ a passion for aviation and dedication to the highest standards. Weā€™re looking forward to an exciting year of racing.ā€


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The brand has been timing the skies since 1919 when the pioneering pilotsĀ of the era put their trust in the precision of its watches and navigationĀ instruments. In addition to keeping the first American airmail service onĀ track, Hamilton became the official watch of TWA, Eastern, United andĀ Northwest in the 1930s. Adventure joined accuracy as these instrumentsĀ demonstrated heir unrivaled expertise partnering the first American coast-to-coastĀ air services which took commercial flying into the modern age.
Today, many squadrons use Hamilton watches as standard equipment,Ā including South Koreaā€™s 121st Fighter Squadron, the Patrulla Aspa fromĀ Spain, the Patrol Squadron Forty from the United States, and the Apache andĀ F-16 Demo Team from the Netherlands, among others. Hamilton uses theseĀ associations to deepen its understanding of pilot needs and the watchĀ functions required to develop timepieces designed for pilots, such as theĀ Khaki Takeoff for Air Zermatt, a transport and rescue helicopter unit in theĀ Alps.
A special edition watch will be released for the occasion, the Khaki Air Race, available in two versions: a Team Hamilton modelĀ with an orange and black dial and special case back printing to enhance Hamilton and Nicolas Ivanoff strong relationship. And anĀ Official Timekeeper model with a blue and grey dial with a red second hand honoring Red Bull Air Race colors and different caseĀ back printing. Both versions have a stainless steel case in either 38 or 42mm size, with a choice of black leather strap or stainlessĀ steel bracelet.


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