Ideal^2: The First Ideal Cut Hearts & Arrows Diamond

Less than 1% of all diamonds mined can be certified as “Ideal”, and even less than that are made into Idea^2 diamonds, which shows 8 hearts and 8 arrows when examined though the Hearts and Arrows Scope.

It takes three times longer than any standard square cut to achieve the finishing quality of the Princess of Hearts Diamond. Princess of Hearts Diamond is cut Since its debut, this diamond has created immense amount of excitement among the public.  When compared side by side to other diamonds, the ideal^2 diamond is always the preferred choice.




About Ideal^2:

This precious design was first developed by the finest craftsmen in Antwerp and only uses Canadian diamonds, mined under the strictest environmental standards in the world.  Each diamond has a birth date, mine of origin and a birth weight, in addition to an unique diamond identification number laser inscription on the girdle along with a maple leaf.

The perfection lies in the symmetrical alignment of each of the 80 facets and the highest degree of polish resulting in a brilliant light reflection yielding a Hearts & Arrows pattern.  Moreover, the Princess of Hearts Diamond is cut to “ideal” proportions that generates scintillation which is beyond any existing square cut diamond.



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