September: Sapphire


Your horoscope can often subscribe to plenty of personal characteristics. For some, it can provide insight as to their inner selves and subconscious needs and wants. For others, it’s a way to rationalize sending that risky text message, or buying a brand new couch.

However, with all the waxing poetic to be had in Capricorn moons and Leo suns, some would prefer a more concrete, tangible method of finding themselves.

Some would say Birthstones are the literal crystallization of the months in a year. Originating from the bible, In Exodus 28, Moses creates a special breastplate for Aaron, the High Priest of the Hebrews. Specifically, the breastplate was to contain twelve precious gemstones, representing the twelve tribes of Israel. These twelve stones were later assigned to the Zodiac, and as a result, became symbolic for all twelve months, respectively.

You could name your zodiac and horoscope, and the features that come with the assignment, but every birthstone possesses unique traits and personality themselves. Have you ever asked yourself if you’re as steadfast as a ruby? Or as richly reflective as a diamond? Let’s find out!

How similar are you to your birthstone?

A true chameleon of the luxury jewelry industry, Sapphire is a hugely popular gemstone due to its superior versatility. As a Cardinal Gemstone- alongside Amethyst, Ruby, Emerald and Diamond – it possesses all the iconic beauty and rarity of its brethren. However, in reality, Ruby and Sapphire are actually specific colour variations of the same mineral, Corundum. It is a typically clear crystal, which is why exclusive and rich colouration is so desired. Shades of deep red (and sometimes pink) that reach a certain saturation are designated as rubies, but Sapphire actually occurs in a rainbow of colours!

Though renowned for blue, as seen in this 5.76 Carat TW Sapphire & Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 14K White Gold, Sapphire also comes in green, yellow, black, white, pink, purple, grey, orange, and brown. White sapphires are often used as stand-ins for diamonds, sharing a similar appearance and hardness, second only to diamond itself and Moissanite. Shades other than blue are referred to as “fancy” or “parti” sapphires. The rarest of these is Padparadscha, a pink-orange variety whose brilliant shade is produced naturally, without treatment.

“Parti”, short for “parti-colour” Sapphires, are specimens which contain two or more colours. Their mysterious allure is so-far unknown, currently uncommon in mainstream jewelry, though the inability to recreate this phenomenon synthetically – as parti-colored sapphires only form naturally- is curious and enchanting in itself.

Though spoken of in 7th century scripture, Sapphires have been handled as far back as the middle ages. The Persians believed the sky was blue because the earth itself rested on a giant Sapphire. The Greeks and Hindus also wore Sapphires, believing it would lead them to enlightenment. It is also thought to encourage creativity, promote philosophical thought, protect against envy and depression, and – according to Italian superstition- alleviate eye problems and melancholy. Sapphires are also associated with Royalty, having been the center stone of Lady Diana’s Ceylon Sapphire engagement ring.

If Sapphire is your birthstone, you are a social butterfly, full of colourful conversation and able to find common ground with nearly every person you meet. However, though you float through social circles and become deeply connected to those close to you, there are always parts of your person that come as a pleasant surprise, even to your oldest friends. An interaction with you on any level can quickly become introspective and passionate at the right junction, and you have no qualms about speaking your mind, encouraging those around you to do the same. You have a sibling who looks nothing like you though you’re most certainly related, and you’ve always had a positive experience at the eye doctor.

Written by Annahis Basmadjian

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