Jewellery Restoration

All jewellery, precious metals, and gemstones are exposed to wear and possible damage. Even when you’re extra careful, over time, all fine jewellery needs some TLC. The industry experts recommend periodic examinations and maintenance, replacement of lost or chipped gemstones, refurbishing, and other forms of restoration or replacement of worn and damaged parts. Parts that receive the most wear include hinges and clasps, prongs and settings, ring shanks, bracelet links and chains.

Lugaro team of experts goldsmiths are here to help you with keeping your most treasured pieces maintained and looking like new. We offer most reconditioning, and repair services on premises and more intricate design, and repair work is done within our manufacturing facility. Whether your original purchase was made at Lugaro,, or somewhere else entirely,  everyone can take advantage of our expert repair services. If your jewellery or timepiece is broken or malfunctioning, we invite you to bring it to any Lugaro store for a complimentary evaluation and repair estimate.

Broken Jewellery Repair

From rings to bracelets, necklaces and earrings, we repair broken links, clasps and more.

Rhodium Plating

It’s very common for white gold rings to lose their original plating due to regular wear and tear. Rhodium plating procedure applies a new bright, white finish to the ring and makes it look brand new!

Ring Sizing and Prong Re-Tipping

We will size gold and platinum rings to a larger or smaller size, plus we repair broken shanks and replace lost stones.  We will inspect all prongs and tighten or re-tip prongs where necessary.

Jewellery Cleaning

Lugaro goldsmiths and jewellery experts use a professional-grade steam cleaning, ultrasonic and polishing equipment to give your jewellery and watches a detailed cleaning.

Diamond & Gemstone Setting

Our master goldsmiths specialise in diamonds, precious and semi-precious gemstone setting into all styles of gold jewellery.