Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring is part of a much larger decision that goes far beyond jewellery, tradition, or money.


Establish Your Budget

According to the generally accepted convention, a man should spend roughly two months’ salary on a Diamond Engagement Ring. While this guideline is certainly not a law, polls show that many men agree with this spending recommendation, and in the minds of many women it has become an accepted standard. We recommend that you don’t commit yourself to a dollar amount right away-familiarize yourself with the various options available before you decide how much to spend.


Learn About Diamonds

To begin shopping for a Diamond, you need to understand the 4 C’s of Diamond evaluation: Carat, Colour, Clarity, and Cut. By understanding these qualities you can determine which traits are most important to you, and you can find a balance between them that best suits your needs. To learn more about the four C’s of Diamonds, visit our Diamond Learning Centre or your Lugaro Jewellers store and receive invaluable information that will guide you to make the right choice and find the perfect Diamond.


Create Your Ring

After you find the perfect Diamond, you can then pair it with a perfect ring setting by browsing through a variety of different styles that will fit your Diamond. Lugaro Jewellers’ pieces are timeless – meaning they are classically styled to stay in fashion for generations. As an engagement is an intensely personal experience, Lugaro has designed over 1000 styles, a variety that will allow you to find your own personalized, engagement ring, with a Diamond and a setting exactly suited to match your tastes and style.

In just a few simple steps, you can select a diamond that matches your budget using the four Cs. By choosing a Diamond, that meets the high standards, Lugaro makes the selection process easier while ensuring that your jewellry is truly timeless and exceptional.

What Size Diamond Should I Buy?

First, determine your budget. One general rule of thumb when buying a diamond engagement ring is “two months salary.” This is just a guideline, it’s not carved in stone and your first consideration should be what you can comfortably afford.

Deciding on carat size is really about striking a balance between size and quality. If she prefers larger jewellry items, and you are working within a budget, you can still find a larger diamond of excellent quality gem by selecting one which is graded slightly lower in terms of colour and clarity.

Think about what style of setting will properly hold the diamond. You’ll have to be sure that the setting you choose is made to fit the carat weight of your diamond. As a timeless and beautiful gift to yourself or as an emblem of your commitment to another, a diamond is an excellent investment. Ultimately, whether you choose to consider it an investment, a symbol or a unique work of art, you have to be certain that by buying your diamond you buy a piece of mind with it. Don’t forget to ask your jeweller about Diamond Guarantee and Upgrade Policy.

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