Going Green at Lugaro Jewellers

Going Green at Lugaro Jewellers

With St. Patrick’s day in full swing, green is the new black! If you’ve decided to forgo the full body chartreuse pantsuit this year, but still crave the drama, a well placed piece of sparkling jewelry can elevate your festivities and make certain you’re pinch-free all night long!

However, despite a vast collection of Emerald pieces, Lugaro’s Irish charm doesn’t end there. Emerald may be a cornerstone in the realm of green precious gems, but in actuality, a number of stones occur naturally in green! Some you may know, but some may surprise you, so let’s take a look at Lugaro’s array of “Luxury Green Energy.”

When it comes to greens, Emerald is the giant. With its rarity, strength, and variety of intense colour, it’s no wonder this stone stands at the forefront of the genre, so iconic, it’s known by both shade and shape (Emerald green and Emerald-cut).

This Canadian Diamond Halo Ring in 14K White Gold features a 1.53 Carat Oval-Cut Green Tourmaline Center accented by 84 = 0.42 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Diamonds.

Popularized in the 1870s when a Green Tourmaline was sold to Tiffany and Co., this stone is considered one of nature’s best healing crystals. Alongside green, Pink Tourmaline is also popular, and the two are usually considered partners, occurring in a hybrid state known as Watermelon Tourmaline. So often is it mixed, that when this stone appears in just one colour- green especially- it is considered exceptionally rare.

Did you know Sapphires came in green? Taking a look at this 2.15 Carat Green Sapphire & Canadian Diamond Trilogy Ring in 14K White Gold, now you do!

Despite their rise as a blue gem, sapphires come in a wide range of colours, and those that aren’t the iconic blue are known as “fancy sapphires”. Green is a particularly uncommon occurrence, second only to Padparadscha, and is often associated with trust, loyalty and integrity. It is said the Ancient Greeks often adorned themselves in sapphires when seeking knowledge. Just as the basic colour of sapphires can vary, the greens are extensive as well, ranging from olive to leaf to deep forest!

Perhaps a little more familiar, these Checker-Board Stud Earrings in 14K Yellow Gold house a set of 1.72 Carat Total Weight Checker-Board Rectangle Cut Peridots.

Unlike Tourmaline or Sapphire, Peridot comes exclusively in green and is formed in molten rock brought to the surface by volcanic activity, as well as within meteorites! Despite the volatility of its origins, however, Peridot is believed to have been mined as far back as 300 B.C. and was prized by ancient civilizations. Some claim it has the ability to drive away fears and nightmares. So exclusive is the colour, and so adored, this August birthstone is very often mistaken for Emerald itself!

Possibly the most curious of this list (and this writer’s favourite) This Canadian Diamond Halo Pendant in 14K White Gold holds a 0.71 Carat Natural Colour Change Alexandrite. Cheating a little, Colour Change Alexandrite’s trick is in the name, possessing the ability to change its shade, appearing green in natural light, and red in artificial (“Emerald by day, Ruby by night”). Curious and highly prized since its discovery in 1830, the formation of these stones is a tricky process requiring the uncommon meeting of uncommon elements, making Alexandrite one of the world’s rarest stones. It is appropriate, then, that this stone is thought to symbolize luck!

It seems like going green isn’t as hard as everyone makes it out to be! With dozens of Lugaro styles and settings available, our diamond and gem experts, and our in-house workshop, you can wear your green however you like, and customize your “shamrocks” to your personal style and comfort! No need to get green with envy!

Written by Annahis Basmadjian

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